This Is Ultimately How I Alleviated My Gerd Without Taking Drug Treatments

This Is Ultimately How I Alleviated My Gerd Without Taking Drug Treatments

Gerd is one condition I began fighting as I got slightly older. If I could enjoy even one day without feeling the constant stinging sensation in my upper body or severe bloating upon waking up, then I consider myself to be very lucky. Sometimes, my throat would feel so bad that it would burn for up to an hour. This was due to gastric acid being passed through my stomach. I would feel awful and want to vomit.

My family doctor suggested that I ingest PPIs (proton pump inhibitors). I did as he advised and took Prilosec. I was initially relieved by the medication. I eventually believed that my problems with reflux were solved. But I was wrong. After several weeks of feeling terrible, my symptoms worsened. The first signs of nausea started to appear frequently, along with frequent migraines. Additionally, my daytime fatigue increased.

After I realized that PPI’s had caused my sudden migraines, and other signs of illness, my doctor advised me to stop taking the medication. He suggested another type of medication after I had asked him whether there was any other treatment. Since I didn’t wish to continue using medications, I researched the internet and came across some suggestions which helped to relieve my symptoms.

Here are some of the things that I tried whenever I felt heartburn symptoms. Sometimes the most obvious things people might not think of can really make a big difference. The simplest solution can sometimes yield the best results. Here are some things that I did to manage my symptoms of illness. Although I understand that each person is different and some things may work differently for everyone, the ideas can be easily integrated into your day. The small tricks I share in this article will help anyone who suffers from acid reflux.

– Munching on frozen goodies and fat free yogurt

– Keeping away from carbonated drinks and spicy food products

– Refusing to eat before I headed to sleep

– Eating smaller servings, while making sure I’m spreading out my food intake during the day

– Keeping hydrated through the day

– Cutting out just about all acidic and greasy food

– Ingesting apples and ripe bananas

– Working out 3-4 nights a week

– Bringing down my salt intake

– Doing yoga and meditating to relieve anxiety and stress, which also cause acid reflux

As you have seen, I basically broke all the vital info down in great detail. To be successful in curing my conditions, I had to devise a strategy. Even though I had a lot less of my problems, the occasional symptoms still recurred. They were at least manageable for me.

Some days I would have no problems. This was an incredible accomplishment in and of itself. While I know that acid reflux disease will be a part of my future, I have found easy ways to manage it without the need for high-risk prescribed medications.

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