Daily Practices for Focus, Peace & Joy

Daily Practices for Focus, Peace & Joy

I know sometimes I must sound like a broken record. My clients, my students and my friends as well as my family repeat me over and over. It’s a fact I will repeat again. You cannot live a happy and peaceful life without self-care. You should take care of yourself, especially if your personality is sensitive or empathic.

Self-care, of course, includes the obvious elements, such as a nutrient-rich-plant-rich-diet, plenty of exercise, and good hygiene. If you wish to be in good health, none of these elements are necessary.

To maintain happiness and inner-peace, self-care must include emotional, spiritual practices as well. These are my daily habits that help me to stay focused, positive, connected, creative and productive. They also make it easier for me to be happy, centered, focused, hopeful, optimistic, creative, productive, calm, peaceful, and happy.

These are the tools and techniques that work for me. Most of the tools and techniques I use are flexible and adaptable to my needs, time constraints, and emotional/spiritual desires. Meditation and gratitude are two of my most important practices. I practice them daily.

Most days I usually do at least 4 or 5 of these techniques. On some days, I may only complete 2. Some days, I may do all of them. They are quick and easy enough to be done in my daily schedule that it doesn’t require extra time. Truthfully, I often feel completely out of my element, distracted, anxious, or disoriented when I stop doing something. To track my progress, I have a checklist. It’s worth it to get off-track, as I have learned from the difficult.

Create your own plan. You can use any one of these techniques to help you. Add your own and keep them handy throughout the day. No matter the day or time of year, choose at least one activity such as meditation to complete each day. You don’t have to do all of them in one sitting. It doesn’t matter how many you have, so long as they are sprinkled throughout your day, you will maximize your energy.

Meditation I practice some form of meditation, each day, from 10 to 60 minutes. On some days, I may do two or three short meditations. Insight Timer is an amazing, free app I use to track my meditations. The app comes with a vast library of sounds, bells and meditations.

Abundance Meditation For this meditation, I use The Abundance Book, by John Randolph Price. The Abundance Book is a small green book that contains 10 principle statements. For 40 days, I have been meditating on one principle per day for at least 15 minutes. This allows me to be spiritually abundant.

Gratitude Meditation Closing my eyes, I meditate for 5 minutes on something for which I am grateful. You can choose something you already possess or one that you would love to own. This gratitude feels authentic and is really, really great.

Goals I hand-write write my goals, in present tense, expressing my gratitude for reaching them. This makes me feel good and allows me to stay focused on my goals. My goals are written almost every day. This process takes around 10 minutes.

Morning Pages Originated by Author Julia Cameron, morning pages are 3 hand-written free-flow pages each morning. You can use them to clear your head and encourage creativity.

Yoga or ExerciseExercising in the morning invigorates me for the rest of the day. Moving is vital for energy flow, lymph flow strength, anxiety release and efficient energy flow.

Heart Breath I add the Heart Breath in whenever I feel stuck in my head. The Heart Breath is a great way to get out of an overworked, hectic mind into the calm and peace of my heart. This is a wonderful tool to reduce anxiety. You can take as long as you like.

Uplifting Reading Somewhere during my day, I find time to read. It may be work related, but always it is uplifting.

Uplifting Listening This includes music, podcasts, Hayhouse Radio, audio courses, and more. When I cook dinner, I listen to music. It helps me stay positive and optimistic.

EFT Tapping This is an any-time-of-the-day, as-needed, practice. EFT Tapping helps to get rid of anxiety, tension, fear and sadness.

More Gratitude Gratitude is something that can be expressed in many ways throughout the day. I also enjoy a 5-minute meditation on gratitude. I can write a list of gratitude or thank you notes, or just say “thank you” when I am doing something that gives me joy. I feel closer to God when I practice gratitude. The more I feel grateful, the greater the number of things that I have to be thankful for.

Nature Walk Nothing better for pleasing the senses and soothing the soul.

Enjoy! Reach out to me and let me know how I can help you.

In Courage,


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